How can I add a flight?

You can easily add flights in one of couple of ways: Search by airline and flight number; Search by departure and arribal airport and date or just typing what you need. You can type “MIA to JFK next Thursday”, “ AA 100 on 10/24”, “Miami to New York”, “MIA-LAX”, and FlightLogger will do it’s best to find the matching flights.

How can I import my flights via email?

You can forward your emails to trips@flightlogger.co, and FlighLogger will process the emaila and add the flights found in the itinerary. You need to add your email to your account via Settings/Email import. You can add multiple emails from where you’ll be sending the itineraries you get from your airline or travel agent. After it’s been processed it will be set up as a new trip. This is a premium feature.

Why does my flight appear with a different Flight number?

That’s because you might have a booked your flight via a different carrier than the one that operates the flight. That’s called a “codeshare” in airlines lingo. Your flight number should appear in the flight details under the general section.

Can I have multiple Trips?

Yes. You can create Trips and add as many flights as you need. You can also move flights from one Trip to another.

How are My Flights organized within a Trip?

We organize all flights you add on a per day basis. So if you have two or more flights in a single day, they’ll appear as a trip. Trips are organized in chronological order in the My Flights section. We think this makes flight organization easier. If you don’t feel that way, please send us your feedback.

How do I share my flights or Trip?

Once you are in the Trip details, there is a Share icon on the top right corner of the app. There you’ll be able to share it via the iOS share extension.

How do I add My Flights to my calendar?

If you go to the app’s Settings, you’ll be able to activate the Calendar Sync. This allows you to add your flights to one or multiple calendars automatically. By default we mark those calendar items as “Busy” just in case you share your calendar with others – this way, not meetings will booked at that time. You can easily change the calendar events after they’ve been added.

What will be synced via iCloud?

If you are using FightLogger in more than one device, your flights will be synced if you have enabled the iCloud sync Setting. Settings won’t be synced. Also, if you have enabled Sync to Calendar, no need to worry about duplicates. We try to make sure we don’t create them twice. If you modify the calendar event, it might think it’s not there and create it. Let us know if that happens.

What types of notifications will I get?

In the Settings section you can enable/disable, different types of push Notifications.

Will I get push notifications if I am offline?

No. Regrettably you need to have a working internet connection in order to get critical push notifications related to delays and changes.

Why is there missing information on my flight?

We consolidate our data from multiple sources. Some flights and airports don’t provide all the necessary data so you’ll most likely see a \”–\” instead. We’re constantly adding new sources of data.

Is the live flight tracking exact?

Not exactly. It’s an approximation of the flight path and can vary from flight to flight. It is meant to be used as a visual indicator regarding the flight’s status.

Why is my flight information different from the airline gate screen?

Airlines sometime don’t show more than hour in delay time. Other times they take a bit longer to reflect any flight changes. We try to get you the data as quickly as we can. This way you are better informed.

How can I delete a flight or Trip?

There are two ways to remove flights from your app: 1. Automatically after they’ve landed after a period of time which you can set in the Settings area. We support multiple options from 1 to 24 hours after landing. 2. By going into a itinerary(where all the flight details and map are) and swiping left.

Why does the app cost money?

The data about flights, delays, etc is paid to several third-party apps. Apart from that it takes time to design and develop an app like FlightLogger. We try to build as much value into the app as possible and update as we fix bugs and add new features. Please reach out if you have any suggestions.

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